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Final Project

Vancouver’s Growler Program


Enjoying Craft Beer at Home

October 2014

Anne Broženský



Table of Contents

Enjoying Craft Beer at Home

What is a Growler?

What is Craft Beer?

Why Would I Want to Buy a Growler?

Why is it Called a Growler?

Where May I Get A Growler, and How Big is It?

How Long Will My Beer Last Once I Get it Home?

What Do I Do With My Growler When it’s Empty?

May I Fill My Growler at Other Breweries?

This Sounds Like A Pretty Great Deal!

Enjoying Craft Beer at Home

Do you like beer?  Are you tired of waiting in lineups at the liquor store?  Are you interested in trying local craft beer?  Would you like to enjoy your beer at home, at a friend’s, at a party, or at your campsite?  Then you may enjoy having a growler!  This guide is for anyone in the Lower Mainland who’s ever wondered about craft beer and/or growlers.

What is a growler? 1007-3_growlers

 Growlers are reusable bottles that you can fill with draft, craft beer to take away from the brewery to drink in a variety of settings. 


What is craft beer?

Craft beer is made in small, independent breweries, using traditional methods. Craft beer is made in small batches, generally for local customers only. The focus is on distinctive full-bodied taste and aroma, achieved by using high quality ingredients.

Why would I want to buy a growler?

You would buy a growler to enjoy beer in a setting away from a pub.  You would also buy one because it is reusable, and environmentally friendly.  Finally, buying a growler is a great way to enjoy a fresh product from a local brewery, and to help support a local business.  You just need to be at least 19 years of age to buy and fill one.

Why is it called a growler?

Legend has it that during Prohibition, bootleggers would smuggle home brew in ceramic jugs as they took it away from the brew site to drink or sell to ‘speakeasies’ (illegal drinking establishments).  A growling or grumbling sound could be heard from the jug as the carbonation that escaped the bottles as the bootleggers travelled.

Where may I get a growler, and how big is it?

Most craft micro-breweries sell growlers, and in Vancouver, there are three standard sizes of growlers:

Name                                                                 Dimensions

the “original” growler (64 ounce)                (1.89 L) – almost a six-pack;

33 ounce                                                            1 L

32 ounce                                                            .94 L                                               

1007-5_growlersAll three sizes are priced differently, and the price varies between vendors.  The price also depends on style of beer, but generally a 64-ounce growler is $5 for the glass bottle – a one-time fee, as the growler is reusable – and an additional $10 to $12 to fill. Specialty beers (made with more expensive, rare or seasonal ingredients) can be as much as $16 to fill. On the other hand, when you buy a growler full of beer the first time, it is $17.50 and a refill is approximately $11.50 with taxes.

How long will my beer last once I get it home?

A growler filled right from the tap is generally good, unopened, for about three days. There are also growler filling machines, which purge the bottle of oxygen before filling, to keep the beer fresher for longer. A growler filled this way would last up to two weeks unopened.

Once a growler has been opened, it’s best to drink the beer within 24 hours. Just like a bottle of pop, the beer in the growler will eventually go flat once it is exposed to oxygen, affecting the taste and quality of the beer.

What do I do with my growler when it’s empty?

Clean it! Just as you wash a container that held food to prevent mold and bacteria growth, a growler also needs to be washed thoroughly! After the growler is emptied, wash it with hot soapy water, rinse well, and leave it uncapped to dry.  Beer is a food product, made of grain, yeast, water and hops, and can spoil with improper storage or vessel sanitization.

Unwashed growlers not only affect the flavour of the product, but are also a health concern –bacteria in the growler can make people sick.

May I fill my growler at other breweries?

Yes!  There are currently more than 30 breweries filling growlers in Greater Vancouver.  Here are some of the brewpubs in the Lower Mainland that will fill your growler:

You can also get your growler filled in other provinces, in the UK, Australia and the US, but legal drinking ages and prices will vary.

This sounds like a pretty great deal!

It is great!  You can get your favourite craft beer, and try new ones, by supporting local brewpub businesses rather than buying a case of beer, which may have been sitting on the shelf for several weeks at the liquor store. 




Christina Willis       Subject Matter Expert

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